Recovery of immigration bonds

How to obtain the refund of your Immigration bond/ bail after its cancellation?

Immigration bond or bail is a monetary bond posted by another person (usually a family member or associate who is a residing in U.S. in a lawful manner) with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for a detained immigrant so as to obtain temporary release of the detainee until the verdict is given in his case by the court. The amount serves as a guarantee for ensuring that the immigrant won’t go missing and would show up in the court for the sessions on his/her case.

This amount can be recovered by the person who paid the bond (obligor) once the verdict has been made by the court irrespective of the outcome. So once the bond is cancelled you have to apply in the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) with the required bond receipts, bond contract and refund forms and they will make the payment along with the accrued interest.

Apart from this you need to ensure that the officials at ICE made the proper notice of the cancellation of the bond and that this information is updated with the Debt Management Centre in charge of the cancelled bond.

This is how the procedure should be actually, but in reality it can get really problematic and prolonged to get the money back. Recovery of immigration bonds can take months even in the favorable conditions of affair and you may need to pay visits to ICE many times.

 So getting assistance from an attorney would be the best option for prompt and sure refund. This problem can get even more difficult if the detainee himself had made the payment through some bail agency and he himself got deported etc.

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