How to become a U.S. citizen?

Well this is essentially a question millions of immigrants and potential immigrants from across the globe have in their mind whether they reside in U.S.A. or not. Being a U.S. citizen entitles you too many privileges in the U.S. and across the world. Right to vote, right for the better pay, fair trial, social security, health insurance etc. are only some of them.

General information regarding Citizenship and Naturalization.

We can divide the whole procedure of obtaining citizenship in the U.S. into 4 methods.


Method 1.

Easiest method to attain citizenship in U.S. is through one’s own parents who are already U.S. citizens. In other words by birth through one’s parents.

This can be subdivided into

  1. Automatic citizenship at birth (by being born to U.S. citizens)
  2. Automatic citizenship after birth but before attaining 18 years (this includes cases where one of the parent is a U.S. citizen and child was not born in the U.S. but presently living in U.S. for more than 5 years legally; the child is a green card holder and both parents got naturalized before his 18 th birthday; child born out of wed lock but mother got naturalized etc.).
  3. Adopted children of at least one U.S. citizen parent (child resides legally in U.S. under the custody of a U.S. citizen parent for at least 2 years).

Method 2.

Naturalization of a Green card holder.

After attaining the green card and on application for citizenship (on 18 years age only), you should live at least 3 months in the U.S. physically.

At least 5 years you should hold the green card and during these 5 years at least 30 months you should be physically present in the U.S.

Then on naturalization application you should reside continuously in the U.S. until you get naturalized (this includes passing the naturalization test and interview at the immigration department).

Method 3.

Getting married to U.S. citizen and be in the same marital union for at least 3 years (going through green card attainment and maintenance for 3 years)  and physically reside in the U.S. for at least 18 months of those 3 years and apply for naturalization as in method 2.

Method 4.

Joining the U.S. armed forcesand serving for stipulated period of time as per terms and conditions on which you attain citizenship the easiest way. Of course in most cases you have to pass the naturalization tests except for some special conditions like serving in conditions of war etc.

Naturalization procedure.

After applying for naturalization process you are supposed to give the naturalization test which includes:

  1. Test of English proficiency
  2. Test of Knowledge about U.S. history and government (Civics)

Resources for preparation of tests are provided by the USCIS.

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