Official name of the Green Card (based on family) or Alien Registration Card or Permanent residency card is “Form I-551”. Form I-551 Green cards are issued to foreign citizens by virtue of their immediate relatives who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents and it entitles him/her full rights of lawful permanent residence and authorization for any work in the United States.

Form I-551 green cards issued to foreign citizens by virtue of their marriage to a U.S. citizen are ones with special conditions. Such persons with Conditional Green Cards need to apply for removal of conditions after 2 years of allotment of green card.

Green card holders always need to keep his or her original foreign passport also with them in addition to the green card.

A permanent green card/Form I-551 is issued usually for 10 years and need to be renewed every 10 years until he/she get citizenship.

How and when to renew a Green Card?

You should renew your Green Card if it has expired or is due to expire within the next 6 months.

  • Step 1: You can start the renewal process by filing the Form I-90 (Application to replace Permanent Resident Card). This can be done online via E-filing. Alternatively you can also file a paper Form I-90 by mail also. In case you are outside the U.S. and your card expires and you have not applied for a renewal then you should contact the nearest U.S. consulate as soon as possible.
  • Step 2: Check the status of your application online at My case Status page at the USCIS website periodically to know about the progress. The status of your case will be present at this page post 72 hours of your application. Alternatively you can call the USCIS National Customer Service (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283 (keep all the details like green card number/Alien Registration number, renewal application receipt number, personal details etc. ready).
  • Step 3: You need to go for an office appointment at the service centers of USCIS with your passport and existing Green card and photographs. Your green card will be submitted there and you need to get a temporary document to prove your residential and employment status or the “Stamped Form I-94 with photograph” for the purpose of identity and status proof in the U.S. till you get your new/renewed green card. It may take 10-11 months to get a new green card.

You can rely on the services of Gavlin & Associates, P.C., NY for the renewal purpose of your green card. By doing so you won’t have to worry about the progress of your green card as we will take care of the status checking etc. You have to just appear for the service center appointment to receive your temporary Identity and status proof, when we inform you in advance about it and give reminders also.