A Permanent Resident Card or Green card of U.S. (Form I-551) is usually given for a period of 10 years. If your green card has already expired or is due to expire within 6 months you need to apply for renewal of green card.

  1. Other conditions where you need to renew or replace a green card are when some important details like place of residence has changed or if your card has been lost or stolen, etc.
  2. If you are having an older version of green card where there is no mention about the date of expiry, it is advisable that you get it changed to the newer version as the USCIS may deem it inacceptable any time the law about its cancellation gets passed.
  3. If you had got your green card before you turned 14 years of age then you need to replace your green card once you turn 14 years of age.

Note: If you are having a conditional green card as in a) conditional green card based on marriage you need to file Form I-751, Petition to remove Conditions to residence b) conditional status based on being an entrepreneur or investor (E1 trader/E2 investor) then you have to file Form I-829, Petition by entrepreneur to remove conditions on Permanent resident status and not form I-90.

Renewal of green card can be done by E-filing of form I-90 or by filing a paper form I-90 and sending it by mail to the concerned USCIS service center.

If you are outside the U.S. and your card is to expire in 6 months and your exit from the U.S. and re-entry is not supposed to exceed a year and you are to enter U.S. before expiry of your green card then you need to apply for replacement of green card only on arrival to the U.S. But if you are sure that your re-entry to the U.S. will take much longer time than a year or your green card is to expire and you have not filed for renewal of card prior to departure from the U.S. before that then you need to contact the nearest U.S. consulate and/or USCIS or the U.S. port of entry about this matter before applying for renewal and follow their instructions in this matter.

You will get a receipt for filing Form I-90 and the receipt number can be used to check status of renewal or replacement of the card at USCIS website or over phone to a USCIS service center number (1-800-375-5283). When the USCIS processes your application they will send you a notification of receipt or notice of action Form I-797C which lists the information needed for your subsequent appointments with the USCIS either by E-mail or posted letter.

When your application has been processed you will be informed and will be asked to come for appointments like document verification and biometrics verification and photography session.

After all these are over you will receive your precious green card by mail.

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