I consulted with Nataliya because I was seeking damages from a car accident where the defendant was avoiding paying me. In the end we settled out of court but during the whole process Ms. Gavlin gave me the best advice and took this incident extremely serious and ready to work for me. Not for a second I felt she didn’t care about my case. Extremely knowledgeable about the law, very patient, understanding, and has an aggressiveness about her which ensures you’re in good hands. I would recommend her to friends and relatives.
My experience at this law firm was awesome! she help me out alot and she actually shows that she care about my issue. My previous attorney screwed up my case! thank god i found her through ads. Nataliya is very sweet to all of her clients. she always have a big smile on her face. i would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. My experience at this law firm was awesome! she help me out alot and she actually shows that she care about my issue. My previous attorney screwed up my case! thank god i found her ... read more
Natalia Gavlin is very knowledgeable and honest lawyer. From the first appointment with her she explained to me the immigration law and proceedings of my case. Her professionalism led us to a full victory. I’m very fortunate working with Nataliya!
Nataliya Gavlin is the epitome of a true professional, one who is strong and immensely knowledgeable in her field. She is kind and sweet but the at the same time she is tough and goes the extra mile for all clients. This woman is simply amazing!!!
Guys! if u have any problem, just go to her! she will tell you the most knowledgeable and truthful information regarding your case. She is honest about everything. the legal prices are also cheaper than other law firms. her legal services are worth way more than the legal fees! Very satisfied with her work and service!
The best lawyer I ever met so far. She is very honest and sincere. I could tell that she always tries her best to help me out. Her paralegals and staff were very patient to me. I could always reach out to them when i have any question about my case. I am so serious! They are very nice. Ms. Gavlin and her staffs always notify information to me and keep me updated. I AM SO GLAD THAT I CHOSE HER TO BE MY LAWYER! She is very serious and passionate about her work. And! she’s also humorous and caring! ... read more
I strongly recommend Ms. Gavlin’s professional services. She’s fast in analyzing any legal issue regarding to immigration, studying different alternatives and coming out with the best solution. She always was available to respond my inquires regarding my case. She took care of details, and assured the correct filing of my application. Kept me informed of every application’s status change. At the moment of my interview with immigration officer she exposed the key factors that supported my petition in a professional way, showing her expertise and knowledge of immigration laws. What I liked the most being her client, is that she ... read more
Asidebfrom brimming with professional knowledge and expertise, Nataliya is passionate about helping people. She genuinely cares about her clients on a very personal level. I retained Nataliya to file my asylum application after I suffered persecution in my native country. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning because some of my friends had problems with their immigration lawyers who charged them a lot of money and did not do the work. But from the minute I met Nataliya, I knew that she was a different kind of lawyer. She is exceptionally welcoming and friendly, while being very professional and ... read more