Asidebfrom brimming with professional knowledge and expertise, Nataliya is passionate about helping people. She genuinely cares about her clients on a very personal level.
I retained Nataliya to file my asylum application after I suffered persecution in my native country. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning because some of my friends had problems with their immigration lawyers who charged them a lot of money and did not do the work. But from the minute I met Nataliya, I knew that she was a different kind of lawyer. She is exceptionally welcoming and friendly, while being very professional and knowledgeable about immigration law. Nataliya guided me through every step of my application process. She was always available to meet with me and answer all of my questions and concerns (and I had a lot of them). Her staff was also very professional and responsive to my needs. Nataliya was always available for me. She always answered the phone call, and encouraged me to stop by her office, even without an appointment, for all kinds of issues, not only immigration related. She truly guided me through my initial difficult time in the USA.
I know that Nataliya worked tirelessly preparing all of my documents, creating a winning strategy for me. She attended my asylum interview with me and was very reassuring and comforting during a very stressful moment in my life. I felt very much relieved having her with me at the interview, I knew I had an amazing advocate for me. And Nataliya did not disappoint. After my interview, the officer asked her if she had anything to add and Nataliya once again showed her true talent and spoke on my behalf with such passion and so convincingly that I was proud to have her as my attorney. Two weeks later I went to get my decision and the officer shook my hand and told me “CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR ASYLUM APPLICATION WAS APPROVED! ” My life was forever changed. After I was granted asylum, Nataliya immediately filed petitions to bring my wife and two children to the United States. The process was very smooth, and in about seven month, we reunited in America. Now I got my GREEN CARD, of course with Nataliya’s help. My wife and kids will get theirs soon.
I can’t even explain how grateful I am to Nataliya for all she did for us. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who need immigration attorney. I don’t know if I can say it enough. She saved my life, she saved a family! This is truly an extraordinary woman!