E-2 Investor Visa E-2 Investor Visa is given to those businessmen who belong to the E-2 trade treaty countriesand want to enter the U.S. intending to do some real active business.Some of the E-2 Visa qualification requirements and important features:

The investors must belong to the E-2 trade treaty countries.

The investment should be substantial, viable and active.

Investment should produce enough revenue to contribute substantially to the U.S. economy by giving employment to U.S. citizens (minimum 4) and orders to local business and not just marginal revenue which is only sufficient to sustain the investor and his family. This is also essential for renewals of visa.

E-2 visa is usually given for a period of 2 to 5 years.

The investor should either buy or form a U.S. company or buy 50% or more shares of an existing company or business which also qualify for the E-2 visa status.

The investor must be solely engaged in the operations of the company which he has invested in and not engage in other employment options.

E-1 Trader Visa E-1 Trader Visa is issued to citizens of E-1 trade treaty countries for entry into U. S. solely to engage in international trade. Some employees of such a trader or of such a qualifying organization may also be qualified for this visa.Some of the E-1 trader visa requirements and important features:

Traders must be from the countries with which the U.S. has signed treaties for “Friendship, Commerce and Navigation”, the countries with significant international trade with the U.S.

The volume of trade should be substantial and contribute significantly to the U.S. economy.

Majority of the trade of his company should be in imports/exports with the U.S.

He/she should form a U.S. company or buy an existing one or hold 50% or more of ownership stakes in a company which is engaged in trade with the U.S. and he should prove that the trade is taking place significantly and regularly throughout the year.

Regular and substantial trade transactions must already be present prior to the submission of E-1 trader visa application.

Further detailed information on E-1 trader visa and E-2 investor visa may be obtained from USCIS website under the below given link:

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